Case Studies

Senegal- The Jokko Initiative: Literacy and Community Empowerment (05/2010)

The Jokko Initiative is a collaboration between UNICEF and Tostan that makes it possible to communicate with a network of people by simply sending a text message. Through Jokko’s RapidSMS Community Forum, a user can send an SMS text message to a “magic number” that then forwards the message to all phone numbers belonging to the network. The module also introduces mobile phones as pedagogical tools to teach and reinforce literacy as well as the organization and management skills taught in Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program.

Somalia – Emergency Response Monitoring (10/2009)

In Somalia, a RapidSMS project for emergency response monitoring is currently in the testing phase, leading to deployment in southern Somalia. Prior to the involvement of RapidSMS, data from the Emergency Response Monitoring Checklist was submitted sporadically via paper and email by various aid organizations, with important data missing or inaccurate.

Kenya – Empowering Community Health Workers (06/2009)

A recent Millennium Villages Project, with support from UNICEF, is customizing RapidSMS to address under five mortality rates at a community level. This initiative brings diagnoses, referrals and treatment out of the clinics and into the communities.

Nigeria – Monitoring Supplies in a Campaign Setting (04/2009)

In Nigeria, RapidSMS was piloted in the first phase of a 70 million ‘long lasting insecticide-treated nets’ distribution campaign. As a pilot activity, RapidSMS was used in Kano state to capture data of commodities from state stores to the Local Government Area and distribution points.

Malawi – Nutritional Surveillance (01/2009)

UNICEF Malawi deployed RapidSMS to address serious constraints within the national Integrated Nutrition and Food Security Surveillance System, which was facing slow data transmission and incomplete and poor quality data sets. Automated basic diagnostic tests, are now identifying more children with moderate malnutrition who were previously falling through the cracks.

Ethiopia – Supply Chain Management (10/2008)

In October 2008, Ethiopia experienced crippling droughts. Faced with the possibility of famine, UNICEF Ethiopia launched a massive food distribution program to supply the high-protein food Plumpy’nut to under-nourished children at more than 1,800 feeding centres in the country.

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