Get involved with the global RapidSMS community.

Getting Help

Use the following resources to learn more about RapidSMS, ask questions, discuss projects using rapidsms, keep up-to-date on current development and consult with experts.

  • Read the developer documentation.
  • Ask questions on the RapidSMS mailing list.
  • Chat live with other users and developers in the #rapidsms IRC channel on You can use the webchat client for this too.

Community Members

Connect with other developers, companies and implementers within the RapidSMS community. Many developers and organizations from around the world are available for hire to help you build your project.

Improve RapidSMS

RapidSMS is an open source project. That means you can get the source code and change it to suit yourself. You can offer your changes back to the project. You can help fix bugs, write new features, and even help run the project.

Ecosystem and Related Projects

RapidSMS is just one of many projects in the SMS and mobile health space. Learn about similar projects and how RapidSMS can integrate with them on the Ecosystem page.

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