RapidSMS 0.11.0 release notes

Welcome to RapidSMS 0.11.0! These release notes cover the new features 0.11.0.

What’s New

  • Use load url from future in templates to support Django 1.3-1.5. Thanks @miclovich!

  • Moved the RapidSMS project template instructions to the main install page. See Installing the RapidSMS project template. Thanks @lemanal!

  • Cleaned up a lot of core to be PEP8. Added instructions for using the pep8 tool on the RapidSMS codebase. See PEP 8 Style Guidelines Adherence. Thanks @lemanal!

  • TravisCI builds now run coverage and pep8. Here’s an example from a recent build.

  • Simplified testing with introduction of RapidTest class. See RapidTest. This includes:
    • Add RapidTest and RapidTransactionTest base classes
    • Modify get_router() to return an instantiated object rather than a class
    • Update TestRouterMixin to patch RAPIDSMS_ROUTER directly with instantiated TestRouter
    • Remove global variables/state from TestRouter
    • Clean up documentation to focus more on RapidTest and RapidTransactionTest classes
    • Remove MockBackendRouter test class
    • Update TestScript to use RapidTest
  • Moved official RapidSMS version to rapidsms.__version__. Reference it directly from docs and setup.py.

  • Added coverage reports to core test suite. See RapidSMS core test suite.

  • Moved rapidsms module to root level of repository.

  • Added docs environment to tox setup.

  • Documented django-celery 3.0+ dependency.

  • Removed rapidsms.skeleton package and startproject command override See Installing the RapidSMS project template to use the new project template.

  • Removed runrouter management command.

  • Fixed a few typos in the Messaging API docs.

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