RapidSMS 0.16.0 release notes (under development)

Welcome to RapidSMS 0.16.0! These release notes cover the new features in 0.16.0 as well as some Backwards-incompatible changes in RapidSMS 0.16.0 you’ll want to be aware of when upgrading from RapidSMS 0.15.0.

What’s New


Backwards-incompatible changes in RapidSMS 0.16.0

  • Style files removed from base: icons.css, modules.css, splits.css, and tables.css. These are no longer used in the new bootstrap-based pages, so they’ve been removed from the RapidSMS base style files and are no longer loaded from the base template.

    The old locations contrib app does still use them, so they’ve been moved into that app and that app’s base template changed to load them from there.

    If you have an app that’s still using any of these styles, and aren’t ready to convert your app to the new, bootstrap-based look, it’s probably simplest for you to copy them from locations into your app and load them from your app’s base template.

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