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located in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
is a system to help monitor Ebola outbreak cases in West Africa. The software uses SMS (text messages) to report the numbers of patients or cases directly to Public Health Specialist based in United States and empower Community health workers to provide timely information for action.

located in Uganda
The school monitoring system is a mobile-phone based data collection system using RapidSMS that collects data about schools from school administrators and people who work closely with schools. Head teachers and other administrators who work closely with the schools send data into the system using their mobile phones based on a proposed schedule for data collection. Data is sent into the system on a regular basis like weekly for pupil attendance, monthly for reports on child abuse and termly for capitation grants made to the schools. Other data that can be collected by the education monitoring system include data on ...

located in Uganda
mTrac is a government led initiative to digitize the transfer of Health Management Information System (HMIS) data via mobile phones. The initial focus of mTrac is to speed up the transfer of HMIS Weekly Surveillance Reports (covering disease outbreaks and medicines), provide a mechanism for community members to report on service delivery challenges, and empower District Health Teams by providing timely information for action.