As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project, Project Mwana focused on Maternal and Newborn Child Health (MNCH) aimed to facilitate several key ideas, including:

  • Secure delivery of HIV (Dry Blood Spot, or DBS) test results from the lab to health clinics by SMS, which we’ve named “Results160″
  • Appointment reminders for newborn children, or “RemindMi” (Mi = mothers & infants), and
  • Free-text “chat” for health clinic workers and Community Health Workers, to strengthen communication and patient tracing.

The software uses SMS (text messages) to deliver HIV test results for infants directly to health clinics and enhance communication within the clinics. Using SMS in this way means mothers are informed about their child’s HIV status 1-2 months earlier than would otherwise be possible. If necessary, the child can then be started on critical treatment. The project includes an SMS component for results delivery and as well as a customized web dashboard for reporting and administration.


Logistical challenges in remote communities delay EID results and subsequent interventions.


Community Health Workers

Key Technologies

RapidSMS, Basic Mobile Phones

Metrics/ Evidence

In Zambia, Mwana has been deployed to 10 provinces namely, Central, Copperbelt, Eastern, Luapula, Lusaka, Muchinga, North-Western, Northern, Southern and Western. In these 10 provinces Mwana has been deployed to a total of 484 health facilities with 1325 clinic staff and 1902 Comminuty Based Agents registered.

In Malawi, Results160 and RemindMi contains 20,656 DBS results delivered by SMS and 45220 cirths registered.