U-report is a free, SMS-based system that allows young people to speak out on what’s happening in communities across their country, and work together with other community leaders and policy makers for positive change. U-report conducts weekly SMS messages and polls to and from a growing community of U-reporters that are complimented with regular radio programs that will broadcast stories gathered by U-report as well as newspaper articles that will publish stories from the U-report community.


Uganda has both the world’s youngest population, with more than half of Ugandans under the age of 18, and the highest youth unemployment rate: recorded at as high as 83 per cent in 2008. – See more at: http://unicefinnovation.org/case-studies/ureport-community-empowerment-rapidsms-uganda#sthash.yk0ykuWE.dpuf


Over 200,000 Ugandans use U-report, including all members of Parliament. The Burundi version is available here: http://burundi.rapidsms.org/

Key Technologies

Technically speaking, U-report leverages the work of rapidsms-polls to provide an easy system for polling a large number of users, and adds a visualization layer to aggregate poll results exposed in as JSON in the polling app.