Contributions Sought

There are a few places throughout this wiki which have been marked TODO. If you know what you’re talking about, feel free to add the missing pieces there.

Other high-level missing pieces which have been requested include: translation into French and Arabic.

Editing / Markup

This wiki allows anyone to add content on RapidSMS. You too can edit any page, just log in (you may have to create an account first) then click on the ‘edit page’ link.


We use Pygments to allow for pretty code highlighting.

By default it will highlight Python code:

def foo(self):
    print "hello world"

But you can make it also highlight in other languages supported by Pygments by specifying the language:


You can also just have litteral blocks the normal way:

% less is more

Restructured Text

As expected you also get the normal ReST stuff.

  1. A list
  2. who doesn’t love those?
  • Or just bullets
  • If you don’t want to commit to numbers
You can also
Do definitions if that strikes your fancy

italics bold even monospace oh my!

You link to OtherPages the ReST way, not the WikiWay.

You can even include images and have attachments:


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