Installing RapidSMS on Mac OS X for development

Mac OS X 10.5 and later ship with Python and setuptools. If you are using an earlier version of OS X, you may need to install setuptools following instructions found here:

You will also need the Mac OS X Developer Tools which is installed by the Xcode package on your OS X installation disc.

Steps 1-3 are optional – virtualenv makes it easier to keep a tidy python environment for development. If you are not familiar with virtualenv, learn more here:

Install virtualenv and pip (optional)

$ sudo easy_install virtualenv
$ sudo easy_install pip

Create a virtual environment (optional)

$ virtualenv --no-site-packages my_rapidsms_env

Activate the virtual environment (optional)

$ source my_rapidsms_env/bin/activate

Install RapidSMS

$ pip install rapidsms

Create a new project

$ startproject myproject
$ cd myproject

Optionally configure, then spawn the database:

$ python syncdb

Start the development server

$ python runserver

Start the message router

(in another window OR use GNU Screen – don’t forget to activate the virtualenv in your second window):

$ python runrouter

To stop the RapidSMS message router, press ctrl-C

Video Instructions

Here is a youtube video showing how to set up virtualenv and get things running. (Apologies for the watermark, I was using a demo version of iShowU).