RapidSMS License

The RapidSMS code is licensed under BSD (see LICENSE). UNICEF acts as the holder of contributor’s agreements. If you wish to contribute to the RapidSMS codebase as an individual or an organization, you will need to sign the contributor’s agreement.


Contributor Licence Agreements (CLAs)

The license agreement is a legal document in which you state you are entitled to contribute the code/documentation/translation to RapidSMS and are willing to have it used in distributions and derivative works. This means that should there be any kind of legal issue in the future as to the origins and ownership of any particular piece of code, UNICEF has the necessary forms on file from the contributor(s) saying they were permitted to make this contribution.

This is a pure license agreement, not a copyright assignment. You still maintain the full copyright for your contributions. You are only providing a license to UNICEF to distribute your code without further restrictions. This is not the case for all CLA’s, but it is the case for the one we are using.

  • Sign Individual CLA | List of individual signers
  • Sign Corporate CLA | List of corporate signers


The commit history and discussion around the license and agreements can be found below:

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