Getting help

If you need help while using RapidSMS, there are several ways you can get it.

  • Ask on the #rapidsms IRC channel on Freenode. You can use the webchat client for this too. The #rapidsms IRC channel, like most IRC channels, is pretty informal. You don’t need to ask whether it’s okay to ask a question – just ask it.

  • Ask on the rapidsms mailing list. This list is used to ask and answer questions, help work through bugs, and discuss general RapidSMS topics.

    Note that there’s a second mailing list, rapidsms-dev. You’re welcome to join both, but rapidsms-dev is intended for discussing development of RapidSMS itself (changing the RapidSMS code), while rapidsms is to talk about using RapidSMS, writing apps that use RapidSMS, etc.

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