RapidSMS Appointments

rapidsms-appointments is a reusable RapidSMS application for sending appointment reminders. Users can be subscribed to a timeline of milestones for future appointments. Reminders are send to the patient or staff to remind them of the appointment. Appointments can be confirmed or rescheduled by patient or staff. It also tracks the history of confirmed notifications and missed/made appointments.


rapidsms-appointments currently runs on Python 2.6 and 2.7 and requires the following Python packages:

  • Django >= 1.3
  • RapidSMS >= 0.11.0
  • Celery >= 3.0.13


Documentation on using rapidsms-appointments is available on Read The Docs.


The translations for rapidsms-appointment are managed on our Transifex project. If you are interested in translating rapidsms-appointments into your native language you can join the project and add your language.

Running the Tests

With all of the dependancies installed, you can quickly run the tests with via:

python setup.py test


python runtests.py

To test rapidsms-appointment in multiple supported environments you can make use of the tox configuration.:

# You must have tox installed
pip install tox
# Build default set of environments
# Build a single environment
tox -e py26-1.4.X


rapidsms-appointments is released under the BSD License. See the LICENSE file for more details.


If you think you’ve found a bug or are interested in contributing to this project check out rapidsms-appointments on Github.

Development sponsored by Caktus Consulting Group, LLC.

Current Release:


released March 13, 2013

Package Type:

RapidSMS Application


Caktus Consulting Group ([email protected])