Welcome to the RapidSMS project!

RapidSMS is a Free and Open Source framework for developing short message-based applications.

  • RapidSMS is a messaging development framework, in the same way that Django or Rails are web development frameworks.
  • RapidSMS is designed to do the heavy lifting for you. You implement your application logic, and RapidSMS takes care of the rest.
  • RapidSMS is designed specifically to facilitate building applications around mobile SMS.
  • … but it supports pluggable messaging backends, including IRC and HTTP, and more are possible (e.g. email).
  • RapidSMS is Open Source and is written in Python.
  • RapidSMS integrates with Django, allowing you to easily develop web-based views of your messaging app.
  • RapidSMS is designed to scale efficiently.
  • RapidSMS provides (or will eventually provide) core support for message parsing, i18n, and more.

You can read a description of the overall concept and an earlier version of the project at http://unicefinnovation.org/mobile-and-sms.php.

Developing RapidSMS

RapidSMS is currently in an alpha state, and is undergoing heavy development.

  • Download: http://github.com/unicefinnovation/rapidsms/tree/master
  • Install : wiki:InstallRapidSMS
  • Mailing List: http://groups.google.com/group/rapidsms
  • IRC: irc.freenode.net #rapidsms
  • Register on this site to file ticket requests and edit the project wiki.
  • Some development notes at http://mobilehacking.org/index.php/RapidSMS

Current Project Participants

  • UNICEF Innovation
  • Millenium Village Project at Columbia University
  • Dimagi
  • Entropy Free LLC

Trac Help

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