RapidSMS Wiki

RapidSMS is a free and open-source framework for dynamic data collection, logistics coordination and communication, leveraging basic short message service (SMS) mobile phone technology. It is written in Python and uses Django.

Website: http://www.rapidsms.org/

Documentation: http://docs.rapidsms.org/

Code: http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms

Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/rapidsms

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/rapidsmsdev

#RapidSMS IRC Channel archives: http://irc.rapidsms.org

(#RapidSMS also accessible via browser at http://webchat.freenode.net/)


  1. the old rapidsms codebase (aka tusker) that has been living in http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms HAS BEEN MOVED to http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms-legacy — if your clone or fork is still in use, you should update your repository’s remote/origin
  2. a COMBINED repository of the contents* of http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms-core-dev and http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms-contrib-apps-dev HAS REPLACED the old codebase in http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms
  1. http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms-core-dev and http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms-contrib-apps-dev WILL REMAIN UNCHANGED until the 1.0 release but should now be considered DEPRECATED.
  2. pypi package will now install from http://github.com/rapidsms/rapidsms
  3. most documentation on this site DOES NOT REFLECT THESE CHANGES


How to install RapidSMS on your computer and how to get started with community-contributed apps or developing your own.
Various pages providing overviews, repository structures, and the technical architecture of RapidSMS. Think of this as a "RapidSMS for Dummies" type of section. A good place to peruse and learn concepts and vocabulary before digging into the code.
RapidSMS Examples
A few code examples of simple RapidSMS concepts.
Sending and Receiving SMS
How to get SMS into the real world (modems, gateways, etc.)
RapidSMS Apps
One day soon, all usable RapidSMS apps will be found or linked to from the following repositories:
Differences with the new and old RapidSMS

Here is a short explanation of a few of the new things that RapidSMS has for those who are used to the old RapidSMS and [[http://www.reverselookupcell.org/|Reverse Cell Phone Lookup]]. Also includes instructions for porting your apps to work with the latest version RapidSMS.

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Tips and tricks for when you’re ready to shove RapidSMS into the real world
A FAQ containing Frequently Asked Questions
How to get involved and contribute to RapidSMS


PyCharm License
How to get RapidSMS’s open source license for PyCharm, JetBrains Python/Django IDE.
Writing and running tests
Find out how you can edit this wiki and what markup it uses
Tips on recording RapidSMS tutorial videos in Linux
A list of other repositories, all works in progress, of new apps for RapidSMS

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