The RapidSMS core team

The RapidSMS team is fairly loosely organized. The core team is basically anyone who has permission to merge into the official repository.

The only real prerequisite to joining the core team is showing that you’d be a useful member of the team. So, start by contributing. After you’ve done this for a while, someone on the core team might decide to give you access. If not, feel free to ask on the rapidsms-dev list, where by this time you should be well known anyway.

You can view the current core team on the RapidSMS GitHub project page.

There are some distinguished roles on the team. Note that any person can play multiple roles.

Core Dev

A core dev is a community member who has commit rights to the GitHub repository. They’ve usually been active for some time, have a track record of submitting quality pull requests and help review outstanding PRs.


Release Manager

A release manager is a member of the core dev team who performs each release when feature development is complete. They collaborate with the Release Champion on the Release process, provide final QA before each release, and actually perform the final release process steps to publish the new release.

Community Cooordinator

A community coordinator is a core dev who helps organize the core team to identify future milestones and releases. They are active on the mailing lists and help identify release champions for each new version.


Release Champion

A release champion is a core dev who is excited about the upcoming release, has expertise in the topic and wants to lead development of the proposed features. They will organize tickets, delegate tasks to other willing core devs and perform actual development themselves. Their job is expanded on in the Release process.

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