Release process

The process for a new RapidSMS release begins when a Release Champion is identified for it. The release champion’s job is to organize and lead the work to get a new release out. Any of the work identified below could be done by anyone, under the release champion’s leadership.

The release champion starts by creating a new Github milestone for the release, if there’s not one already. It will be named something like “v0.15.0”.

There might already have been changes merged to the develop branch since the last release. The release champion should find those closed issues and add the new milestone to them, so the new milestone will contain all the issues that’ll be in the new release.

Then the release champion will look for existing issues, or create new ones, that they want to include in the new release. They’ll add the new milestone to each of those issues.

The release champion should use the rapidsms-dev mailing list to inform everyone interested in the development of RapidSMS of the progress of the release. In particular, they should solicit suggestions for issues that should be included in the new release, and ask people to try out the develop branch as changes are merged.

The release champion and Release Manager collaborate when it’s time to ship the new release, with the release manager responsible for final QA and the actual RapidSMS Release Checklist steps to publish a new release.

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