RapidSMS is a community of dedicated software developers and field implementers working together to make the development and deployment of mobile applications easier. RapidSMS is written in Python and utilizes the Django framework.

Write Code

RapidSMS is a collaborative process based on the code contributions of organizations and individuals from around the world. If you are new to programming don’t be discouraged. Join us on IRC and on our Google group, and we will find a way for you to help. All programmers should check out our coding standards and documentation before getting started.

You can find us on the #rapidsms channel on IRC at

Source code for RapidSMS is available on Github. To follow progress please check the status of development in our issues database.

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Report Bugs and Suggest Ideas

Please let us know when you encounter problems and share your specific ideas on how to improve RapidSMS. The best way to do that is through the issue database. Please also help contribute by testing phones and adding them to the list of supported devices page.

Answer Questions

Often the key to building a community is helping people get started. Share your knowledge and experience be it technical or from your time in the field.