Technical Support


Before you begin coding and customizing your apps, we strongly recommend reading the following RapidSMS Installation tutorial.

RapidSMS Documentation

The RapidSMS documentation is a community created overview of the RapidSMS framework. To get a better sense of how the RapidSMS framework functions, please visit the RapidSMS Documentation.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Often it is easier to get technical support or discuss matters in real time. The #rapidsms channel on facilitates just this. Learn more about IRC or download an IRC client to start. You can also connect through your web browser by going to (Choose a nickname then enter #rapidsms where it asks for ‘Channel’ to participate.)

Mailing List

If there is nobody available in the IRC or you are unable to answer your questions, the RapidSMS mailing list is usually the best channel to find timely and appropriate support. RapidSMS coders and implementers come here to seek help, announce new projects and chat about anything and everything mobile.

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